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Create a category

Insert in the text box a category name, then click "Add". A category is used to categorize an article.
You can create a subcategory too.

Edit an existing category

In the categories section on the admin page, click the "Edit" link. This will display a textbox with the name of the category you want to edit. You can change the order too. Then click the "Update" link to save the new category name. If you insert an url, in the menu the category will be a link to that url.
You can change the "Father category" too.

Delete category

In the category table you can remove a category by clicking "Delete". If one or more articles are associated with the category you want to delete, you cannot remove it. You have to remove related articles or change the category.


Enable TopMenu

If selected, the main menu on top of every page will be shown.

Enable SideMenu

If selected, the side menu with a link to the main categories will be shown.

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