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Anm_LastNewsbyCat and Anm_LastNewsLink


I can't manage to get these 2 modules to work
Anm_LastNewsbyCat and Anm_LastNewsLink

I've tried to place them on my homepage or on the page which contains the main module instance of ANM.
But they are not showing any articles.


gdemotchkine wrote May 19, 2013 at 6:08 PM

I figured out, that if the article is assigned to "Set as a Side News" it does not get shown anywhere else but the side panel. This seems to be functionnaly wrong:

A) Overtime the article will no longer be shown as side news, so it's still needs to be retrieved, by using the display by category...

B) on the site's homepage (on which there's no ANM main module), I place the module Latest news, or the News by category and I expect them to show the "Side News" items

I propose this to be fixed by an option (checkbox):
  • Track "Side News" items