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In the "Settings" section, you can customize your AllNewsManager.NET

Site Name (optional)

The name of your site. It will be shown in the page title and on the uploaded images. If there isn't a banner, the site name will be shown on top of every article. But leave blank the textbox and will not be shown.

Admin Email

Webmaster email.

Site Url

Your site url.

Enable TopBanner

You can upload a banner that will be shown on the site. You can also resize width or height or both. Leave blank a textbox for no width or height resize.

Enable Validators

If selected, validator buttons (xhtml,css,rss) will be shown at the end of the side bar.

Enable Last Articles Box

If selected, the box with last articles will be shown on the side bar.

Enable Last Comments Box

The box with last articles commented by users.

Enable Registration Captcha

If selected, all new users have to confirm a security image.

Enable Comments Captcha

If selected, all users have to type a confirm code before sending a comment.

Enable Search

If checked, the search function will be activated in the site.

Enable ArchiveMenu

If checked, the archive links will be shown in the sidebar.

View number of articles

If selected, near a month (in the archive menu) will be shown the number of related articles.

Enable Email Confirmation

If the check box is checked, every registered user has to be confirm the registration to activate the account. An email will be sent by the system.
If not checked, every user will be activated after the registration.

Smtp info

This information will be used to send an email for the password recovery. When updated, the web.config will change.

Site Layout

Choose LoginBar BGColor

You can change the color of the first row of the site to highlight the informations.

Choose Site Width

You can set up the width. 100% is the default value. You can change from % to a fixed size in pixel.


Choose from a dropdown menu the Template for AllNwesManager.NET. You can upload custom css for a new template.

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